About Us

Established in 2001, VuePoint Solutions has emerged as a leading force in the energy sector, offering cutting-edge software solutions and services from our headquarters in Andover, Hampshire. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is exemplified through our flagship offering, Market VuePoint, a market-leading Power and Gas decision support service that sets industry standards.

In addition to Market VuePoint, we take pride in presenting Energy Risk VuePoint, a versatile solution trusted by Suppliers, Energy Consultants, and Major Energy Users. This platform empowers organizations to efficiently manage and oversee their energy management and procurement processes, catering to both their internal needs and those of their valued customers.

VuePoint Solutions stands out for its dedication to innovation, exemplified by our specialized data modeling solutions. Our groundbreaking Triad Modelling service, in particular, showcases our commitment to providing forward-thinking solutions that address the unique challenges of the energy sector.

Throughout our journey spanning over two decades, we have cultivated a deep understanding of the energy landscape, enabling us to evolve alongside the industry. VuePoint Solutions remains steadfast in our mission to empower businesses in the energy sector with robust tools and insights, ensuring they navigate the complex energy market with confidence and agility.

Meet The Team

Mark T

Mark Taylor



Andy Bray

Director Of Sales


Mark Sanderson

Non Executive Director
Marketing & Business Development


Alan Watts

Operations Manager


Antony Gilbert

Business Development Manager


Jenni Taylor

Financial Controller


Marcus Smith

Database Administrator

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