About Us

VuePoint Solutions is an award winning Software Development Company based in the heart of Hampshire. We are an approachable and highly skilled team of experts who are able to provide our customers with innovative products that are designed, built and supported to meet their needs.

Vuepoint Solutions specialise in providing energy trading companies with the software they need to gain access to accurate and up-to-date information for the power and gas market. Our leading product, Market VuePoint® Decision Support Suite, delivers real time and historical data to help organisations make informed decisions, enabling them to improve efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.

When time is critical, you need confidence in your market information. The consequences of not having the right data at the right time can not only be very expensive but can also severely damage your market position. Conversely, fast access and accurate intelligence can provide you with significant gains in market advantage and revenue. With the fastest installation available and at a price you can afford, MV Decision Support Suite gives you the certainty and knowledge you need, fast.


We pride ourselve for being a totally responsive and customer focused service provider. In everything we do, the needs of the customer are primary. We respond to any request of assistance, be that an issue, a learning need or a change request for an existing or new capability with the same level of response and care.

Our Testimonials
Bringing clarity and insight to complex environments.

Helping organisations make informed decisions.

The right data clearly presented

Market VuePoint® delivers accurate, complete and relevant data, via charts, Excel reports and alerts. Provides both real time and historic data. Brings together Elexon's BMRA, National Grid’s UK Gas, APX, N2EX, SO412 and LEBA data to one single interface. Continual investment and development to extend functionality and latest thinking. Immediate access to updates as they become available. Developed to your specification if necessary. Modern design and simple, easy to understand interface. Designed and built using the most up-to-date tools and technology. Training designed and delivered to meet your exact requirements. Delivered hosting service providing high speed access to Market VuePoint® via our own servers.

Speed of delivery and cost savings

The Market VuePoint® Hosted Service can be configured and operational within 48 hours.

In addition to swift, responsive access to real time market information and competitive pricing, the hosted service reduces costs dramatically, removing the need for you to install and maintain a high grade line locally.

There are also significant savings on equipment and infrastructure as the service is hosted and accessed through a web browser.

Hosted Service

Reliable, swift and responsive access without the need for any additional hardware or software. Full functionality is provided via a web browser wherever you are located. Hosted on two separate sites for full backup, failover and redundancy. Reduced whole life costs and total cost of ownership. Reduced complexity and infrastructure requirements. Simple transition from current systems. Delivered to you, installed and working, within 48 hours. No need for high-grade line locally.