Market VuePoint®

Market VuePoint® (MV)
Decision Support Suite

The MV Decision Support Suite has been the market leader in UK Energy Trading decision support providing access to Elexon's BMRA data since the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA), now British Electricity Trading and Transmission Arrangements (BETTA), went live in March 2001. Since then it has been developed to include access to National Grid's UK Gas, APX, N2EX, LEBA, ICE, and Weather data to name but a few.

MV can provide you with both real-time and historical energy market data enabling you to make informed decisions. In turn, this will help you to protect your interests and to stay ahead of the competition. It is a sophisticated, proven product offering exceptional flexibility in application and implementation options that can have you operational within 24 hours as opposed to the weeks and even months that our competitors take.

MV Decision Support Suite provides the user with essential market data within a single tool. The core product provides facilities for storage, real-time analysis and monitoring of UK Power and Gas market data using the BMRA High Grade Link and other live data capturing software.

Our software has been developed to deliver an integrated system that allows the user to view information through standard screens and reports and provides them with the capability to customise these views and reports. It features a set of displays and rules giving a complete view of the real-time operation of the UK Power and Gas markets. All rules and displays can be configured by the user enabling particular market segments or specific thresholds to be monitored. Users are able to create their own dashboard desktops and portfolios to enable focused monitoring of the market within a chosen area of interest. These are all set at user or group levels to provide enhanced flexibility.

Market VuePoint® Lite (MV Lite)

1 Plan available (Free)
  • Features can include the following:
  • 1 concurrent user
  • Access to limited displays
  • Limited reporting
  • Near real time data feed
  • 7 days historical
  • No Web API for XML, CSV, STP
  • Static desktop displays

Market VuePoint® (MV)

6 Plans available
  • Features can include the following:
  • Unlimited concurrent users
  • Access to 250+ displays
  • Unlimited reporting
  • Near real time data feed
  • 13 years+ historical
  • Web API for XML, CSV, STP
  • Configurable desktop displays

Key Benefits:

Our flagship product
The right information at the right time

Market VuePoint®
Live (MVL)

MVL provides real-time decision support from information provided by Elexon’s BMRA, National Grid’s UK Gas, APX, N2EX and LEBA.

MVL charts and displays clearly illustrate up to the minute market information.

Market data downloads directly into Excel enabling further in-depth market analysis of the current trading environment.

MVL uses a powerful rule engine to alert you to the occurrence of certain market conditions or trends i.e, trading opportunities or threats.

All rules and displays are user configurable.

MVL includes several displays that help predict future trends.

Market VuePoint®
History (MVH)

The MVH environment holds historical market (BMRA, UK Gas, APX, LEBA and N2EX) data and settlement data (S0142).

As standard, MVH provides all the displays and reports of the real-time system.

These are enhanced to allow the user to select the period and range of dates to be displayed.

MVH has an open database scheme allowing the use of third party reporting tools to suit your needs.

MVH includes analytical displays and reports drawing on the historical data and trends. These enable you to evaluate past trends in the market and enable forecasting.

MVH holds data going back as far as 2001 where most solutions only offer data back a maximum of 5 years. This enables post event analysis of market conditions across longer time intervals.

What is also included:


MVL and MVH Analysis Systems.
Rules and Alerts Engine.
Data Filler.


Fully Managed and Deployed.
Historic Data from NETA Go Live.


Web Client Access via HTTPS.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Backup.
Disaster Recovery.
Data Recovery.


MVL and MVH Fail Over Service ensures availability.

BMRA High Grade Data Feed

Data Feed Provided.

Application Upgrades

All Application upgrades included in support packages.


Bespoke development of chart displays, reports and rules can be designed to meet your exact business needs. More often than not done free of charge.

Speed of delivery and cost savings

The Market VuePoint® Hosted Service can be configured and operational within 24 hours. This is not hours, but weeks ahead of our competitors.

In addition to swift, responsive access to real time market information and competitive pricing, the hosted service reduces costs dramatically, removing the need for you to install and maintain a high grade line locally. Elexon aim to provide this BMRA High Grade line within three months and the total costs of getting this feed direct outstrips the total cost of our system, before you even start to look at developing capability to use the data.

There are also significant savings on equipment and infrastructure as the service is hosted and accessed through a web browser. One of our customers calculated that if they were to try to do this in house, the infrastructure requirement alone would cost between eight and ten times the annual cost of our service.

One company estimated that using our service would save them c£2m a year or more than 10 times their annual licence fees. Another company showed the internal cost of just their infrastructure costs would be 8 to 10 times our service costs before considering and development costs or other third party costs which, using conservative estimation would take it to 15 times our fees.

Can you afford to wait that long and pay that kind of price?

"But we do it in house already": Even just basic maintenance of you current in-house system could cost you more and deliver less then outsourcing it to us.

The right data clearly presented

Market VuePoint® delivers accurate, complete and relevant data, via charts, Excel reports and alerts.

Provides both real time and historic data back 13+ years.

Brings together BMRA, APX, N2EX, SO412 and LEBA data to one single interface.

Benefits from continual investment and development to extend functionality and latest thinking.

Provides immediate access to updates as they become available.

Additional developed to your specification, subject to agreement, undertaken free of charge, if necessary.

Modern design and simple, easy to understand interface.

Designed and built using the most up-to-date tools and technology.

Training designed and delivered to meet your exact requirements.

Delivered hosting service providing high speed access to Market VuePoint® via our own servers.

Hosted service - ease of Access

Reliable, swift and responsive access without the need for any additional hardware or software.

Full functionality is provided via a web browser wherever you are located.

Hosted on two separate sites for full backup, failover and redundancy.

Reduced whole life costs and total cost of ownership.

Reduced complexity and infrastructure requirements.

Simple transition from current systems.

Delivered to you, installed and working, within 24 hours.

No need for high-grade line locally.

We are like you internal IT department, except we are more responsive, flexible and quicker to deliver.

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