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Market VuePoint®

MV Decision Support Suite provides the user with essential market data within a single tool. The core product provides facilities for storage, real-time analysis and monitoring of UK power and gas market data using the BMRS High Grade Link and live data capturing software to fetch other Energy Market data. Our software has been developed to deliver an integrated system that allows the user to view information through standard screens and reports and provides them with the capability to custom these views. It features a set of displays and rules giving a complete view of the real-time operation of the UK Power and Gas markets.

MV provides access to data from Elexon (BMRA and SO142), National Grid Gas, APX, N2EX, LEBA, Spectron, ICE, Weather providers and many more all in one portal.

With complex historical analysis, precalculation rules and bespoke forecasting methodologies, MV delivers awareness that is not available anywhere else and you can access it from any device, anywhere. Can you afford to rely on the publicly available information provided by BM Reports or do you want to get ahead of the market?

Our SaaS solution provides unmatchable capability and return on investment. One company estimated that using our service would save them £2m a year or more than 10 times their annual licence fees. Another company showed that internal cost of just their infrastructure would be 8 to 10 times our service costs before considering any development costs or other third party costs which, using a conservative estimate would take it to 15 times our fees.

Operational Workspace with easy access to information

The main page of the MV Portal provides important market information for the segment selected, with easy access to system warnings and triggered alerts.

We provide access to all the relevant market data in a single portal, including Elexon's BMRA, National Grid's UK Gas, APX, N2EX, LEBA, ICE, and Weather data.

BM Unit Operations

A major capability of MV is the monitoring and reporting of BM Unit production, operational performance and profiles, detailing those warming, any trips, bid offer price profiles and acceptances. There are numerous triggers, displays and reports dealing with all aspects of BMU / System operations with loads of precalculated and forecast data either not available anywhere else or available hours before it is published on the BMRA.

The benefits of using our system can easily be shown with one customer moving from securing around £500,000 income per week from bid/offer acceptance when using our software, dropping to around £150,000 per week when not using it when the plant switched hands and the new owners did not have access. Using data from our system to demonstrate the change, their business case for purchasing our software was exceptionally easy to write.


The system has at its heart a set of complex rules and monitors that fire off events and warnings when the rule is triggered. These are individually configurable at user or company level and allow you to target specific aspects, say to monitor the performance of your BMU or even that of your competitor. There are quick links to open up detailed charts to visualise the events surrounding the trigger point.

User Configurable pop up Desktops

Users can configure their own pop up desktops and have these auto open when signing in. Each opens in its own window allowing you to have mulitple displays across multiple windows. Each desktop can contain elements from any aspect or segment along side each other, so a user can mix vital power and gas displays in a single desktop if screen space is restricted.

System Configured Desktop

Out of the box, the system provides a number of preconfigured desktops tailored to highlight specific operational views, so you can be up and running immediately whist you learn about all the fantastic features before tailoring the views to your personal needs.

Market VuePoint® Overview